2016 Fiat 500X Long-Term Wrap Up

Compact crossovers are on the rise. Most shoppers are young and the competition reflects that. Everything, from our long-term 2016 Fiat 500X to the new Toyota C-HR or the upcoming Hyundai Kona, sells just as much on style as it does on substance. Our time with the 500X shows Fiat’s entry into the segment has plenty of both. It’s not as compromised as something like the Nissan Juke and not as sterile as the Honda HR-V. It proved to be a solid if occasionally troublesome vehicle.

Still, it was charming and exceeded most of the Autoblog staff’s expectations. Based on previous experiences with Fiats, we weren’t sure how the 500X would fare over a year. Not all of our long-term cars leave a lasting impression, but we were sure sorry to see this one leave.

Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore – I always enjoy a night or weekend in the 500X. In fact, it was one of my go-to sign-outs. It’s functional. It looks cool inside and out, and it’s easy to drive. I dig the small hatchback/crossover vibe. There’s room in the trunk for plenty of stuff and the back seat is reasonable for adults.

I actually like driving this car, as opposed to our other recent long-termer, the HR-V, which was dull, slow and lacking in character. You chose the Fiat. You had to take the Honda.

Now, the bad: why did your alarm go off and then refuse to shut off for no apparent reason while parked in front of my home at midnight? Why do you turn on the wipers when I use the turn signal? Why am I constantly flashing my brights when trying to make a lane change? Why does it take the radio like 20-plus seconds to boot up, and another five to 10 seconds to start registering volume control commands? This small stuff just feels unacceptable for a brand new car.