5,221-Hp Alieno Arcanum Electric Hypercar Revealed

Bulgarian-based maker of hypercars ALIENO has unveiled its ARCANUM all-electric hypercar, which in its top version has power of 5,221 hp (3840 kW), 8,880 Nm of torque, a top speed of over 488 km/h (303 mph).

The name of the brand is derived from the Italian word “alieno”, which means “alien”, because, as its founder/CEO/CTO and chief constructor Ahmed Merchev says it, he has a mission to “create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present.”

The name of the model comes from the Latin word “arcanum”, which means “the secret of the secrets”. It is based on innovative ALIENO technologies and know-how and is a 2-door / 2-seater robotic all-electric hypercar

“ALIENO ARCANUM is an all-electric hypercar from the future with a brutal technical superiority, which is in the basis of the DNA of the brand ALIENO. This our first debut model, expresses clearly the mission of ALIENO to create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present. ALIENO ARCANUM does not follow the rules, but it creates new ones, providing an extremely exciting driving experience and enjoyment.

Based on their power, ALIENO ARCANUM is available in the following 4 versions: RP5 with power of 5,221 hp, RP4 with power of 4,351 hp, RP3 with power of 3,481 hp and RP2 with power of 2,610 hp. Where RP stands for “Raw Power”, while the corresponding number after it (5, 4, 3, 2) shows the approximate power of the version in thousands of horsepower.

With a 350 kW DC Combo (CCS) charging station, from 0 to 100% SoC (State of charge), the SBP battery is charged for 30 min, the TBP battery for 20 min, and the RBP battery for 10 min. Furthermore, the battery is designed in such a way, that with a special ALIENO DC charging station (900 kW DC for the RBP battery, 1800 kW DC for the TBP battery and 2700 kW DC for the SBP battery), designed and built by ALIENO upon customer order, it can be charged from 0 to 100% SoC for 4 min, and from 0 to 80% SoC for 3.2 min.

In addition to the battery and variants and interior trim, customers can also choose their own wheels, rear wing, steering wheel, seats, and other components that ALIENO will reveal later. Each car is hand-built at the company’s factory in Bulgaria.

ALIENO ARCANUM is available for pre-orders at the following base prices: 750,000 EUR for the RP2 version, 1,000,000 EUR for the RP3 version, 1,250,000 EUR for the RP4 version and 1,500,000 EUR for the RP5 version. The delivery time varies from 18 to 30 months, depending on the chosen modification (STR, TRC or RCE) and other options chosen by the customer.