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How Will Clean Air Zone Charges Impact Drivers In The UK?

Nov 22, 2018

Early last year, Oxford council announced plans to develop the first zero emissions zone in the world. The plans proposed a blanket ban on diesel

Common Reasons Candidates Fail in Driving Theory Test

Nov 5, 2018

There are more than 700 questions in the theory test multiple choice question banks. Without appropriate preparation almost 50% candidates fail in their driving theory

What is a write-off?

Feb 20, 2018

We’re sure you’ve driven down the road before and seen a mangled car on the back of a recovery vehicle. Despite how bad the damage

The three most highly anticipated automotive trends for 2018

Feb 20, 2018

Tesla Unless you had your head under a rock for 2017, it would be impossible to not have heard about the work Tesla and Elon

The Five Most Comfortable Cars for Long Journeys

Jan 4, 2018

Sometimes, having a comfortable car can make your commute much less stressful and make long journeys much more bearable as well. But, the question is,

Reasons to Choose PCP Car Finance

Dec 18, 2017

Decades ago, purchasing a new car required years of saving, but in today’s market there is a much broader range of options. While paying a

Royal Mail to begin trialling electric vehicles

Nov 27, 2017

In recent news, Arrival announced its partnership with delivery giants, Royal Mail, to trial a fleet of nine British built electric delivery vehicles for one

How To Save For Your First Car

Jun 28, 2017

The dreams of a first car can seem somewhat far and beyond your imagination. However, the dreams of an old car that breaks down often

Testing New and Old 4x4s in Different Terrains

May 9, 2017

There has always been a debate about whether the old 4X4s are better than the new ones and vice versa. Old school folks believe that

3 Diy Car Hacks That Are Easy on Your Wallet

Feb 9, 2017

If you could have your dream car, which one would that be? Maybe you want the fastest engine ever built to launch you roaring down