Monday, August 21, 2017
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Auto Blog

How To Save For Your First Car

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The dreams of a first car can seem somewhat far and beyond your imagination. However, the dreams of an old car that breaks down...

Car Distaster Recovery

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Being involved in a car accident is never pleasant, and it happens to many of us. It can be a very stressful and upsetting...

Car accident

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Car accidents are something that is still far too common now. If you are involved in an accident, that can cause a big shake-up...

Used Car from Hertz Rent2

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Purchasing a used car has its own pros and cons, on one hand, you get a fantastic vehicle that comes for the fraction of...


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Here are six simple tips that will help you save money on your just-obtained new or used car: 1)  Change the oil frequently – Yes, your mom was correct when she told you that.  Even...

Steam-clean Vacuum your car

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Some of us suffer from the embarrassing effects of a stinky car.  Don’t despair; however, there is a cure for this issue.  In this article,...

Steps After A Car Crash

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A car accident can be a mind-bending, disorientating experience. For the first few minutes after the accident, you might not even remember what happened....