Common Reasons Candidates Fail in Driving Theory Test

There are more than 700 questions in the theory test multiple choice question banks. Without appropriate preparation almost 50% candidates fail in their driving theory test.

Over the last years there is a decrease in pass rate because the test is not hard but candidates appear to give the test without preparation. Preparation is crucial for success or your chances of failure not just increases but is for sure.

Check this DVSA report, which reveals the main five categories candidates failed to answer correctly in the first multiple choice section of theory test.

  • Vulnerable road users
  • Motorway rules
  • Safety margins
  • Road 7 traffic signs
  • Hazard awareness

Common reasons why candidates flop in driving theory test 

  • Failed to revise

Revision is necessary to get the desired result. There is no evading it. You get plenty of learning solutions ranging from Highway Code book to mock theory tests. Use them to learn the road rules from start to end. You even get apps, where your theory test performance is monitored by an instructor. The areas you are vulnerable get spotted easily and discussed in next session.

  • Going without preparation

On the exam day itself, you read the whole Highway Code. It can be daunting to appear for the real test on that same day because you are not aware about the test format or what to expect. You have not really taken a mock test. Mock tests help you to practice in similar format. Thus you can get completely ready for the real test.

  • Wondering why questions differ in real theory test

The questions you answered in the mock tests were different than the ones you read in real test. It is true that the questions appear different but they talk about the same road rules and themes. The main aim of the theory test is to test your personal knowledge and not the parrot working. There is a huge difference between pointless parroting and real learning.

  • Freaking

Anyone can freak out during theory test, when the answer to a question cannot be figured out or guessed. Remember, there is a ‘Flag’ button, which allows you to skip and return back later to answer it.

  • Clicking lot in hazard perception test

Hazard perception is the section of fear for many. It is ‘live’ and you cannot go back or check or change answers. This can be stressful for many, which can impact their performance on this day.

Tips for preparation of theory test 

  • Hit the books

The DVSA has introduced a test handbook jammed with example questions and helpful tips. Take some time to read and revise the handbook that has 1000 possible questions. Questions in the real theory test will be randomly picked and you need to answer them confidently.

  • Sharpen your hazard spotting skills

After you make it through multiple choices section confidently moves to hazard perception test. You can visit online websites, where there are interactive video clips that allow you to practice how to scan road effectively, detect distractions and look for joggers or cyclists. Minimum twenty hours of practice is necessary to ensure you are totally prepared for theory test.


Take mock tests and build your confidence for the driving theory test.