Driving Your Confidence: Tips To Get Back Behind The Wheel After An Accident

Car accidents are something that is still far too common now. If you are involved in an accident, that can cause a big shake-up in your life. And it can really affect your confidence in getting behind the wheel again. Sometimes the effects are really long-lasting. And it’s not a surprise, the shock that you suffer in a car accident, no matter how small, can make you question your ability to drive a car again. There are approaches that you can take to overcome issues like this. The trick is to always build up slowly and surely. Remember when you were learning to drive and there was an issue that just didn’t seem to sort itself out? It usually resulted in going on a really quiet side road and ironing out those issues. It’s a similar approach here. The little ways that you can prepare to get back behind the wheel are as follows.

Start Off As A Passenger

If you really have developed a phobia of driving this is a good place, to begin with. Either sit in the back for your own comfort or in the passenger seat. You can do this for a short journey like to the shops. The reason to do short trips is to build up your resilience to being in a moving car. The speed limits will be pretty slow, and you could go at a time of the day where there isn’t much traffic. From there you can build up to being a passenger during a busier time of day, or for a longer journey, etc.

Practice Self-Help Methods

I don’t want to get all hippy-dippy here, but there are self-help methods you can use to calm your nerves and make you feel a lot less stressed. The notion of being on the road with a lot of traffic can be very stressful, and after an accident, this can loom large in mind. So try some of the following:

Meditation. Sit in peace and quiet for 10 minutes a day, and it helps with focus, relaxation and even lowers blood pressure!

Hypnotherapy. If you feel that it is really affecting your ability to get confident, you can invest in a hypnotherapy session or just get tapes online to help.

Positive self-talk. Again, this feels a bit hippy-dippy and might make you feel you’re at a seminar. But the science behind it is that your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and fiction. So you can trick your brain into believing that you are amazing and so forth. If you do it while driving, you have a healthy distraction not to focus on the fact that you are talking to yourself!

Closure. If you have been caught up in a legal wrangle with a car business or haulage firm, this is something to get you ready to start again. Instigating a case against a company that was liable can help you, on an emotional level, to wrap it all up. Using a firm like David & Philpot, P.L. that are specialised in commercial accidents can give more specialised help.

Drive Some Short Journeys

After you’ve felt ready to jump in the driver’s seat, making short journeys and build up to roads that are your main challenges. After all, driving is an automatic process after a while, and you know this with your previous experience. It may take time overall, but once you have achieved this, give yourself a big pat on the back. You have done a very difficult thing!

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