Frankfurt Show: Byton M-Byte Electric Suv With 48-Inch Cockpit Display

Chinese electric vehicle maker BYTON unveiled its first vehicle, the BYTON M-Byte SUV, at the 68th Frankfurt Motor Show.

With the innovative BYTON M-Byte cockpit, centered around the 48-inch-wide curved Display – BYTON fulfills its promise of implementing a user-centric operating philosophy.

BYTON has developed the core strategy of “rooted in China with global reach.” The company aims to create an all-new premium and intelligent EV brand by integrating global resources. With headquarters in Nanjing, China, and R&D centres around the world, BYTON expects to deliver the first BYTON M-Byte´s to Chinese customers in the middle of 2020 after Start of Production.

The company BYTON is about to close its C-round fundraising, which will secure an estimated $500 million for the company. Investors include FAW Group and the Nanjing municipal government. As part of this, FAW Group recently signed an investment agreement with BYTON to participate in the C-round.

The front of the BYTON M-Byte was designed to visualize a new definition of power – prioritizing data power over horsepower. The falling feature line along the vehicle´s flanks and the long wheelbase reflect interior roominess and add to a strong exterior stance.

One of BYTON´s key design elements is the socalled BYTON Front Blade between the upper jewel-like daytime running lights with the BYTON letters, which will also distinguish future models in the BYTON family. At the rear, the taillights are equipped with slim edge LED technology.

Interior Design Concept

The interior design of the BYTON M-Byte is characterize by its superior space and is achieved through elements like the panoramic effect of the instrument panel or the door panel continuity over the B-pillar – just like a new living space.

The BYTON MByte´s color and trim options enhance the living-room feel for every taste: various trim-levels and distinguished details allow personalization and create a balance between digital content and natural materials.

Innovative User Interface

The BYTON M-Byte is the next-generation smart device designed for the age of shared mobility and assisted driving – an intelligent, connected car.


Electric Performance

The entry level M-Byte with a single rear-mounted electric motor will provide peak output of 200kW (272 PS), which allows an average range of 360 kilometres or 224 miles (WLTP). The 4WD high level configuration is rated 300kW (408 PS), with an average possible range of 435 kilometres or 270 miles (WLTP).

The battery capacity of the BYTON´s M-Byte entry level model will be 72 kWh. The 4WD high level model has a battery capacity of approximately 95 kWh.

According to regional market conditions, fast DC charging is up to 150kW and AC charging between 3.7kW and 22kW. DC charging time on a 150kW charger will be approx. 35 minutes (up to 80%).


The BYTON M-Byte is positioned in the premium segment with a highly competitive starting price of €45,000 excluding VAT. As a fully electric vehicle, governmental subsidies may apply to the BYTON M-Byte starting price, differing across regions.


The BYTON M-Byte has currently over 50,000 reservations worldwide.BYTON will open the possibility of pre-ordering the BYTON M-Byte in the first half of 2020.

The BYTON M-Byte pre-order will require a down payment in order to hold an early position in the production queue, which will result in an early delivery, according to market entries rollout plan.