How to Clean Up A Stinky Car

Some of us suffer from the embarrassing effects of a stinky car.  Don’t despair; however, there is a cure for this issue.  In this article, we will cover the procedure that you may follow to become a popular chauffeur once again. Thank you to the Sales team at Dulles Kia in Leesburg, VA for their tips on how to keep a car clean!

First things’s first: In the future, clean up any spills immediately. They are much easier to remove when they first happen and will leave little odor behind when removed quickly. Also, do a regular sweep to remove drink bottles, food scraps, and any organic materials that have been traipsed into the vehicle via any clothing or equipment. If you have done all this, we can basically guarantee that nobody will refuse to ride in your car because of its smell! Now read these tips to follow to clean out a car!

  • Begin by clearing everything out ofthe car and removing all garbage. Be sure and reach under the seats and take out all the discarded and lost items. Then check the pockets in the back of the seats and on your doors; be sure and dig all the drink container pits too. One last item, probe between all the seat surfaces and dig out all the stuff that’s fallen between the cracks.
  • Wipedown every wood, plastic, glass, and metallic surface inside the vehicle with warm water and a detergent.  Take your time and get each surface. For leather seats, use a good leather cleaner.  Be sure and wipe inside the glove compartment,
  • Vacuum your car with a household vacuum. Remove floor rugs that can be removed and vacuum the carpet and seat surfaces. Get out all dirt. Ensure that you have a narrow vacuum nozzle so you can get in between all seats and cushions  You will be amazed at the things that come out!
  • Steam-clean the inside of your car.  If you don’t have a steam cleaner with an “upholstery hose” then consider renting one. Many supermarkets and hardware stores have steam cleaners that you can rent for about $20  per day. Spend some time and really clean the seats and carpets

After you have completed the above steps, let your car dry thoroughly and see if you can detect any odors.  If you do, you mighthave to go at the carpet, and perhaps headliner, again with the steamcleaner and a good cleaning solution.

Cigarette smoke can be the hardest smell to eradicate if you smoke.  A trick that professional detailers use is vinegar.  Here’s something to try: place two towels into two different plastic bowls and fill with white distilled vinegar. If the vehicle is big, use extra bowls. Leave the bowls and vinegar in place for at least 24 hours. You may also try sprinkling baking soda and/or carpet deodorizer over yourcarpet and upholstery respectively, leave for a few hours, and then vacuum it up.  This will extract some of the smoke odors also!

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