Lamborghini Centenario: First Drive

To a certain type of fan, this Lamborghini is a disappointment. The Centenario, built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini’s birth, may pack 759 horsepower in an outrageous body made entirely of carbon fiber. It may be hyper-expensive, starting at just under $2 million, and ultra-rare, only 40 of them in the world. It’s got all the verve, the drama, the ostentatious excess you’d want in a car so special, you had to be invited to buy it.

But that isn’t immediately apparent on Instagram. And for most of the world’s Lamborghini fans, social media is the closest they’ll ever get to this machine. And, well…

“Everyone’s like, it looks like an Aventador with a body kit on it,” the owner of this black and red example groans. He’s good-natured about it; the social media misconception bemuses him. “In person, it’s not even close,” he says.

He’s right. Standing next to him, gazing at the Centenario crouched on his lawn, I can tell you one thing for certain: This is no Aventador.