Mclaren Teases The Tail Part Of Its Speedtail Hyper Gt

The reveal of the McLaren Speedtail is less than two weeks away, and McLaren’s likely entering Peak Tease phase. Based on this latest tease, what we know now is that the spiritual successor to the F1 will not play timid with the “tail” part of its name. A long, un-spoilered aft section would seem to indicate this is where the party will happen on what McLaren has called “a stunning, streamlined form.”

The only features visible on the deck are three sets of shutlines. Two at opposite ends along the trailing edge we’ll guess are combination active spoilers and brakes. Then there’s a long, thin, central shutline that runs from the lower edge of the backlight or engine cover to about six inches from the car’s trailing edge. We don’t have a clue as to what this flap might do, or what it might open up to. We do see similarities in the overall shape with the Senna, though; get rid of the Senna’s spoiler, and level the rear fenders with the engine cover, and you’ve got a good approximation of this Speedtail teaser.

A glaring omission from the panels in the tease: exhaust outlets. No ports point upward as on the Senna, nor plainly out the back as on the P1 and F1. Blown diffuser, perhaps? Looks like owners will need to buy a 600LT if they want to put on a fireworks show or grill some burgers backside.

McLaren has invited everyone to join the company on Oct. 26, at 13:00 British Standard Time, to watch the Speedtail unveil. Since all 106 examples of the hybrid-engined three-seater with at least 986 horsepower have already been sold, that will probably be your easiest and best way to catch a glimpse.