Mercedes-Benz To Make Ev Batteries In Poland

In the course of the electric initiative Mercedes-Benz Cars will build a battery factory at the polish site in Jawor and thus extend the global battery production network of up to nine factories.

“We will electrify the complete portfolio until 2022 and will be able to offer in each segment various electrified alternatives to our customers.

In Jawor, approximately 100 km away from the German border, a state-of-the-art engine factory is currently being built. The plant will produce four cylinder engines for hybrid and conventionally driven vehicles. This will be the first production site of Mercedes-Benz Cars in Poland and will offer more than 1.000 jobs.

“The decision of Mercedes-Benz Cars to start the production of electric batteries for a new type of vehicles in Jawor shows that companies that have started operations in our country positively assess the investment climate and want to continue to grow here. We are witnessing the 4.0 industrial revolution in which Poland plays a leading role. All the more we are glad that in Jawor will be produced not only traditional engines, but also the hearts of cars of the future, namely electric batteries”, says Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland.

Mercedes-Benz Cars belongs to the first and biggest industrial companies in Poland who have concluded contracts with local green electricity and heat suppliers. The engine factory as well as the battery factory will be supplied with CO2-neutral energy. Thus, within the global production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars Jawor is one of the pioneers.

Global battery production network

Daimler is investing more than one billion euros in a global battery production network, within the worldwide production organization of Mercedes-Benz Cars. At the moment the battery production network consists of eight factories at six sites on three continents:

Purchase of cells secures best possible technology

The intelligence of the battery is integrated in a highly complex overall system. Daimler is therefore concentrating on the key competence of the battery assembly. Cells are an essential component of the battery. Daimler is buying the cells on the world market and is instructing the suppliers to produce based on special specifications.