Testing New and Old 4x4s in Different Terrains

There has always been a debate about whether the old 4X4s are better than the new ones and vice versa.

Old school folks believe that the construction of the cars was better in the past. Vehicles from the old school had a charm in them that made them unstoppable. The new age 4X4s with their electronic fittings somehow seem to pale in comparison.

The new school however, decides to disagree, and there continues the debate.

Testing New and Old 4x4s in Different TerrainsThat is when car enthusiasts in Australia decided to test some old and new 4X4 wheels in different situations and conditions. The old cars were restored with new accessories to prepare them for the test.

The cars used were:

  • 1994 Toyota HiLux
  • 1976 Toyota FJ40 LandCruiser
  • 1989 Nissan Patrol
  • 1995 Land Rover Defender 110
  • 2016 Toyota HiLux
  • 2016 Mazda BT-50
  • 2016 Ford Ranger

The trip spanned across the Simpson Desert and Birdsville Track.

So how did the cars fare in the different circumstances?

  1. Soft Dunes

While all the cars did well for the entire stretch of the desert, the problem occurred in the last dune, which stood tall at 100 feet. It was seen that the 2016 Ford Ranger was the most equipped car for the terrain given its BF Goodrich All-Terrain Ko2tyres. These types of tyres do not break the sand dunes and allowed the car to ride on top of it.

  1. High Winds

When travelling on long road trips, the cars usually have a lot of gear stacked up on the roof. The high winds blowing in some of the open countryside can cause hindrance and challenge the vehicle’s stability.

In high winds, it was noticed that the 1994 Toyota HiLux wheels had better stability but the engine would overhear occasionally. And it performs even better if you get one of the quality 4×4 lift kits for it. The 4×4 that cruised through this condition was the 2016 Toyota HiLux and the Mazda BT-50 since they have a sleek shape that has now become common in the modern vehicles.

Check out how awesome a Ford Ranger looks with a set of quality rims:


  1. Muddy Tracks

After driving through the sand dunes when the cars finally approached the muddy tracks of Birdsville Park they had to experience bumper high mud tracks. The cars made slow and steady progress even though they slid out of the track or amassed mud between the trailer.

While the old 4X4 wheels performed well in this situation, the new ones were clear winners. The 2016 Ford Ranger was again the best performing vehicle in the muddy tracks. The vehicle’s stability helped it to remain straight on track by preventing it from sliding sideways.

Testing New and Old 4x4s in Different Terrains

  1. Steep Climbs

All the cars were geared properly for an easy climb up. However, many of the cars showed signs of the clutch slipping. The manual cars needed to be driven carefully up the steep road. Even though the new automatic vehicles had to be driven with caution, they were more comfortable on the terrain. All the new cars crossed this terrain with grace.

  1. Deep Water

The route chosen had water crossings where the car was submerged till the windshield. All the vehicle are prepared with snorkel but the debris left behind created problems and some of them all had electrical problems. The modern vehicles along with 1994 Toyota HiLux performed well.

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I hope you enjoyed our article and it helped you feel more confident about your 4×4. Be sure to read our latest car reviews and thanks for reading!