The Pikes Peak Safety Car Is A Jannarelly Design-1 From Dubai

The Jannarelly Design-1 is a 1960s-inspired lightweight sports car designed by Anthony Jannarelly, the guy formerly responsible for the looks of W Motors’ machinery, the Lykan and the Fenyr Supersport. Remember Furious 7? Of course you do. But instead of jumping buildings, Jannarelly’s current product will drive up America’s most famous hillclimb.

The specs of the Design-1 are very promising. The roadster uses a Nissan V6 tuned to produce 320 horsepower and six-speed manual in a car that weighs 1785 lb in standard trim.

The Jannarelly is highly customizable to meet your every desire, and the base US price is quoted at $90,000. Of course now that the United Arab Emirates-based company has teamed up with PureDrive Automotive to create the official Pikes Peak safety car, a ten-unit run of ‘Pikes Peak Editions’ will follow, featuring upgrades like Öhlins suspension, a carbon-fiber aero pack, and sports exhaust.

And since the people behind this car are keen Caterham and Donkervoort enthusiasts, the Design-1 lacks all your now-common electronic driver aids. Which makes it perfect to be the safety car for a race up a mountain that can give you altitude sickness, with no guardrails in sight. Right.