The three most highly anticipated automotive trends for 2018


Unless you had your head under a rock for 2017, it would be impossible to not have heard about the work Tesla and Elon Musk are doing for both the electric vehicle and autonomous world and their plans for 2018. In 2017, Tesla Owners Italia proved Elon Musk right by travelling over 1000KM on a single charge in a Tesla 100D. Although this was completed at an average speed of 25MPH it’s still a huge step in right direction for all EVs.

Fully autonomous driving

Fully autonomous driving still seems worlds away, however it may be closer than we first thought. Cadillac seem to be leading the way currently, their Super Cruise travelled over 700 miles from Dallas to Santa Fe with the ‘driver’ only having his hands on the wheel for 45 minutes. Although this is only available on pre-mapped highways, it’s still a huge step in the right direction. In Las Vegas French company Navya operated a free shuttle service for members of the public, although it only travelled at 12MPH on the test, it’s capable of up to 30MPH. Tragically it did crash just hours into its second stint on the Las Vegas strip however it was down to human error on the part of a revering lorry driver; still hope for this area then.

Alternative fuel sources

As restrictions become tighter on car makers, they have to turn their minds to alternative fuel sources. That’s why this year nearly all major car producers announced that EVs will be featured in their line-up very soon, Mercedes have offered 50 electric versions of all its models by 2022. Toyota also announced they’d spend $13 billion on producing 10 or more EVs in the next few years. The majority of these vehicles are aimed at the European market, as Britain and France look to ban the sale of gasoline powered vehicles by 2040 and other countries looking at similar actions, car makers have no choice but to invest or get left behind, this is also a massive hinderance on Used Car Dealers as they will need to adjust stock in order to fit guidelines and demand in the moment. Already though, car makers are selling ever advancing fully electric vehicles, Nissan have just unveiled their new Leaf, Jaguar’s i-Pace SUV is due to arrive this year and the Tesla Model 3 is set to provide a cheap luxury EV to the market. This industry is already worth billions and will only increase as more companies throw their hat in the ring, only time will tell where we’re going next but it’s incredibly exciting looking to the future!