Watch This Modified Porsche 911 GT2 RS Run a 9.74-Second Quarter-Mile

Don’t let the GT2 RS’s 700 horsepower fool you—it wasn’t designed for straight-line speed. That giant wing, that stripped-out interior, and those massive front tires are all there to make the car go as quickly as possible around a race track. It held the production-car Nurburgring lap record, after all. But, as this video demonstrates, it’s still wildly capable at the drag strip.

This GT2 RS has been modified by Kanoo Performance in Bahrain with downpipes, a methanol injection kit, and a tune. Equipped with a set of drag slicks, it’s able to lay down an incredibly quick 9.74-second quarter-mile at 142 mph. That’s a bit quicker than what a McLaren 720S can do, and less than a tenth of a second off the built-to-drag-race Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. And yes, the GT2 still has its drag-increasing wing attached, making the number even more impressive.

Considering just how few mods this car has, we’re curious to see what some more changes (like bigger turbos) could do for elapsed times. Factory-turbocharged 911 motors are known to be able to take on lots of boost, so we bet it’s only a matter of time before we find out.